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Buddhist and Taoist training programs for developing good posture and Inner Dimensions


Programs: Basic Exercise

Posture inside


Learning Taoist and Buddhist Exercises for New Inner Dimensions of Posture







The presented exercisescenter on posture and focused awareness. Regular practise leads to an easy, flexible upright posture byreleasing locked body stress and tension.Seminars all over Europe will be held in future. In the meantime you are welcome to benefit from free online programs.


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New: Video series on sino-japanese research

Dr. Stephan Langhoff On History and technique of Internal Martial Arts: Toby Threadgill, official representative of Takamura-ha Shindo Yoshin Ryu Jujutsu: Ten Years Of Worldwide Scientific Research: 2012-2023.


Struktur und Einsatz von Armen und Beinen

Posture Körperhaltung

Locker-harte Verbindungen in der Körperstruktur

Körperhaltung Energiewege spiral und linear in der Kombination

Inner Strength through Connectedness: Himmel-Erde-Mensch

Martial-Arts-"Internals": Innere Kampfkünste Inner Strength through Proprioception/body-awareness and Connectedness

Propriozeption Eigenwahrnehmung Körper-Struktur

Posture Körperhaltung Nairiki Innere Kraft