Asiatische Trainingsprogramme für Körperstruktur und Haltung

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Posture Inside - Buddhist and Taoist training programs for developing good posture


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New Topics:


    New official DTB-Database published Meister, Yang Family Tai Chi 2015

    Structure and Posture explained

    Struktur und Einsatz von Armen und Beinen

    Posture Körperhaltung

    Locker-harte Verbindungen in der Körperstruktur

    Körperhaltung Energiewege spiral und linear in der Kombination

    Himmel-Erde-Mensch im Kontext mit der Jujutsu-Stilrichtung Shindo Yoshin Ryu und dem Yang-Stil-Gründer Yang Luchan

    Martial-Arts-"Internals": Innere Kampfkünste Inner Strength through Proprioception/body-awareness and Connectedness

    Propriozeption Eigenwahrnehmung Körper-Struktur

    International Research/ Study for Internal strength: Nairiki , Solo Kata of Shindo Yoshin Ryu: Nairiki

    Certified instructors Yang Family Seminars Tai Chi 2015 Germany. Historical development and critism: Yang Family Tai Chi

    Internals: Research on Structural alignment Yang Family Taichichuan Yang Chengfu Center

    International Tai Chi Chuan Symposium 2009, 2014 - Ein Blick hinter die Kulissen: Yang Jun als Veranstalter zweier Kongresse in den USA. Update: Die Quellen des Taijiquan - Die Klassischen Schriften übersetzt und kommentiert von Douglas Wile: Tai Chi Symposium.


    Ganzheitliches Körper-Struktur-Training Posture Dr. Stephan Langhoff


    New:  Shindo Yoshin Ryu Jujutsu - Sino Japanese Studies on Internal Martial Arts

    Much of what can be heard or read belongs to myth and lore and will probably not hold up under academic scrutiny. Hopefully more authoritative evidence for Japanese relations to southern China martial arts traditions can be dug up in the near future. More legitimate, copyrighted SYR info wanted. We do have first hand material, but we respect the wish to not make it public. From the various similarities between Taijiquan and Shindo Yoshin Ryu we choose one to begin with: Body mechanics and its role in developing Inner Strength. To my knowledge there has not been much research concerning the comparison of Shindo Yoshin Ryu and Tai Chi Chuan - at least not on a scientific level. So here we go and I again ask for sending me information to share. More: Studies on Jujutsu: Shindo Yoshin Ryu.

    Studies like these shed light on internals that can be found in martial arts. As an example of this I would like to comment on the "Vanderbilt Symposium 2014 on Taijiquan. Officially announced as "Promoting Health, Fitness and Cultural Exchange", the latest symposium had to struggle with issues and unsettled questions below the surface of the average practioner. Who is the originator of the art - was it Yang and Wu? What makes an internal martial art - is it the thirteen kinetic energies? Are shortened forms turning into commodity - are the dumbing down the art? Is Yang Jun speaking officially for all the families - is his posting on a serious contribution to the promotion of Yang Style? Taichi Symposium.


    Urlaub & Reisen: Entspannend und gesund: Während der Ferien praktizieren viele Menschen Tai Chi und Qigong

    Yang-Family-Standards Seattle: Yang-Taijiquan-Stances as taught by Master Yang Jun and International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association.  Networking in Germany for inner Breathing: Taijiquan Qigong Netzwerke Hamburg (contact Angela Plarre). Internal Martial Arts Bavaria: Taijiquan Qigong Netzwerk Bayern (contact Eike Lehmann).


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