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The European Society for Posture Inside was founded at the university of Frankfurt (Germany)in 2002 to investigate methods of holistic health promotion. Some studies have been published in 2010 in Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Cologne and Berlin (see Tai Chi Lehrer Ausbildung Deutschland). Scientific research programs in cooperation with several health institutions have as yet been conducted in Germany, France, Belgium and Denmark.


Seminars for instructors of The Society for Posture are held in Germany (see Tai Chi Saarbrücken).

As some Members study the Art of Pushing-Hands as taught by Yang-Style Master in Hongkong, instruction covers also this part of inner martial arts. Another topic are the different lineages and various organisations claiming "True Taiji". Some further discussion will soon be offered onYang-Chengfu-Tradition as published here. Yang Chengfu). Articles written by the Society: Authentisches Tai Chi