Basic Exercise: The Inner Marionet in your Abdomen

This basic exercise can help you with developing inner dimensions of posture

Master Fu Shengyuan with "White crane spreads its wings"

In this exercise, which is taken from Qigong Lehrer, you imagine a small marionet in your lower abdomen standing upright the same way as you are standing. In time you´ll develop a feeling of concentric shells or spheres expanding from your center of gravity. This is the traditional school of Taijiquan. As Master Fu states this is an excellent training method for Push-Hands.

Stand upright in any posture and breath naturally. For instance you can try to imitate Master Fu Shengyuan with "White Crane spreads its wings". Your total awareness is centered in your lower abdomen to develop an inner calm and a good sense of equilibrium. Imagine a little marionet in the lower abdomen and building your center of gravity. (Source Yang Family).

Focus your awareness on this little marionet and imagine that it is standing exactly the same way as you are. Continue to breathe naturally.

Regular practise lets you get more and more familiar with this concept. So, when doing the other exercises, imagine that your marionet is simultaneously doing the same exercise as you are.

So in time you develop a feeling of having concentric shells or spheres expanding from your center of gravity. Keep this inner awareness, whenever you are doing the other monthly exercises.

Update 2009-2: Monika, secretary of Yongnian Society relates to this excercise in her article on Tai Chi & Qigong Lehrer Deutschland, which will appear in the Center-Archives (meanwhile it did).

Update 2010-10: Claas a martial artist from Netherlands points out the relationship toFajin, which he learnt from the Tai Chi Center Germany (see current discussion of Fajin).

Update: 2011-6: Miranda from Bavaria asks: "Can this be compared to fighting methods of Yang family Taijiquan?" Thank you Miranda - this is being discussed in the international network-forum

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