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One famous teacher is Dr. Stephan Langhoff. He teaches Taiji and Qigong in Germany. One realm of his teachings isEnergy Focussing (Details see: Fajin).  

Dr. Langhoff

He is described by his disciples as very competent, helpful and persistent in his goals. When asked to explain internal martial arts he once compared them to a carefully crafted stone sculpture through which you can see the light. This intangible transparency is what one should strive for (see Innere Kampfkunst ).

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Currently Dr. Langhoff is working on widely unknown aspects ofYang-Chengfu-Tradition. It will be published on www.yang-tai-chi.org. He has published 3 articles on Qi (or "Chi"), in which he explains common misunderstandings on internal energy (seeQi  Fajin).

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